The IU Center for Global Health develops mutually beneficial partnerships across disciplines, schools and countries for the primary purpose of creating and implementing sustainable programs that improve health and human flourishing in underserved areas worldwide, and preparing a critical mass of health education and health research experts in these communities to become the next generation of local, national and global health leaders.


Adrian Gardner



Deb Litzelman

Director of Education


Kara Wools-Kaloustian

Director of Research


Career Opportunities

Program Management Assistant

Job Summary

Department Specific Responsibilities

  • Conducts general administrative responsibilities including scheduling meetings, taking minutes, coordinating meetings and events and letter writing
  • Collect, edit and share monthly reports
  • Organize monthly program presentations
  • Maintain contact lists
  • Assist with compiling and editing reports and proposals
  • Assist with foundation and corporate donor prospect research
  • Provide overall support for the Center’s Board of Directors including coordinating meetings, briefing documents, logistics, follow-up communications, materials, notes, etc.
  • Book travel and expense reports for the following positions associated with the Center: Team Leaders, Site Director, Executive Director, Associate Director, Director of Reciprocal Innovation


General Responsibilities

  • Conducts research and compiles materials and information for departmental programs.
  • Prepares records of program activities; oversees and ensures the timely processing and delivery of required materials.
  • Reviews the policies and procedures involved in departmental programs; suggests improvements; and ensures that rules comply with university standards.
  • Analyzes data and information generated or produced by program; writes reports and other written materials based on this data.
  • Verifies the accuracy of all data and information used or generated by program; resolves any discrepancies or problems.
  • Responds to requests for program information by staff, students, and faculty; handles any necessary correspondence.
  • Serves as liaison for department; coordinates activities and exchanges information.

Support for Racial Equity

At the IU Center for Global Health, our mission is to improve health and human flourishing in underserved areas worldwide.

This does not and cannot mean that we focus only on inequities between high and low-income countries, but also on the inequities that exist in our own country, the state of Indiana and our own neighborhoods. Too often, where an individual is born or their ethnic heritage determines their opportunities, health status and life expectancy. Social, economic and health equity is a key value of our Center, not only as we look outward to the global community, but also as we look inward to our own country, state and community.

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The IU Center for Global Health periodically circulates news and events related to IU’s global health activities.


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