The IU Center for Global Health develops mutually beneficial partnerships across disciplines, schools and countries for the primary purpose of creating and implementing sustainable programs that improve health and human flourishing in underserved areas worldwide, and preparing a critical mass of health education and health research experts in these communities to become the next generation of local, national and global health leaders.


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Director of Education


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Director of Research


Support for Racial Equity

At the IU Center for Global Health, our mission is to improve health and human flourishing in underserved areas worldwide.

This does not and cannot mean that we focus only on inequities between high and low-income countries, but also on the inequities that exist in our own country, the state of Indiana and our own neighborhoods. Too often, where an individual is born or their ethnic heritage determines their opportunities, health status and life expectancy. Social, economic and health equity is a key value of our Center, not only as we look outward to the global community, but also as we look inward to our own country, state and community.

Career Opportunities

Director of Division of Infectious Diseases at the IU School of Medicine Department of Medicine

The Department of Medicine at the Indiana University School of Medicine seeks a strong academic leader for the Director of Division of Infectious Diseases at the Department of Medicine.

  • The Division of Infectious Diseases consists of 29 faculty members who have numerous close clinical and research associations with other departments. Some other highlights:
    • Clinical practice takes place at five hospitals within the Indiana University Health (IUH) System as well as at Eskenazi Health Hospital (County Hospital) and the Roudebush VA.
    • The Division has a rich history in research and currently has in excess of $4.7 million in extramural funding from the NIH, CDC, and industry.
    • The Infectious Diseases Division plays an active role in the education of learners from the medical student level through fellowship.
    • The ID Division holds a T32 postdoctoral research training grant entitled “Sexually Transmitted Infections and other infections of Global Health Significance”.
    • The division footprint includes 8,417 square feet of administrative space and 7,280 square feet of research space.
    • The ID Division holds several endowments including an endowed chair, and endowed fellowship position, and an endowment which supports research related to HIV.
    • In addition, the Medical School has access to endowment money and additional resources, specifically for the recruitment of physician scientists.


Program Management Specialist

Among the critical uncertainties that hamper our ability to control the pandemic are the lack of knowledge and unanswered questions about immunity and the risk of reinfection among the previously infected. Our Aegis Study in the Indiana University School of Public Health - Bloomington (SPH-B) will address these questions by enrolling at least 2,100 subjects and conducting weekly measurements on each over one year. The objectives of this study are to assess the incidence of infection or re-infection among those with and without prior SARS-CoV-2 infection, and to evaluate biological and behavioral correlates of infection/reinfection and severity of infection. With SPH-B Dean, Dr. David Allison and SPH-B Adjunct Professor, Dr. Kevin Maki as the lead investigators, and with $15 M in funding secured, the study will provide insight into the degree, durability, and correlates of immunity induced by SARS-CoV-2 infection and subsequent recovery.

The Program Management Specialist is a professional contributor who can work competently, productively, and independently on complex tasks related to the Aegis COVID-19 immunity study. The study’s research team will be running large scale testing and survey-based data collection at multiple sites around the country and will need to ship specimens to laboratories for analyses. The Program Management Specialist will coordinate these and other efforts with the investigators.


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