Indiana University Center for Global Health

IU Global Health activities now in existence


Led by Indiana University, the Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare (AMPATH) is a collaboration between Moi University, Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, and a consortium of North American academic health centers. AMPATH’s tripartite mission of care, training, and research uniquely equips the united health centers to address the short and long-term challenges of health in western Kenya. The partnership was created to provide care due to the HIV pandemic, and AMPATH now treats over 180,000 HIV-positive persons with almost 2,000 new patients being enrolled each month. Now expanding from an HIV focus, AMPATH in partnership with the Kenyan Ministry of Health is working to address needs for primary healthcare, chronic disease care, and specialty care. Ten thousand newborn deliveries will take place each year in the new Riley Mother and Baby Hospital in Eldoret, 12,000 patients visit the new oncology clinic annually, and 5,000 patients are enrolled in the program's diabetes outreach.

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AMPATH Research Network

The AMPATH Research Network seeks to improve the health of the people in Kenya and other resource-limited settings through the identification, development, and dissemination of information about health and healthcare systems. The program began its first research collaboration in 1998 and has now expanded to include more than 100 active studies and collaborators from 20 institutions in North America, Europe, and East Africa. In 2017, the program grew to nearly $112 million in cumulative direct research awards from the NIH, CDC, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, and others.

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Beijing Children's Hospital Heart Center

A team of Indiana University physicians has traveled to Beijing, China for several years to perform multiple complex pediatric cardiac surgeries. The trips are in cooperation with the surgical team at Beijing’s Children’s Hospital.

Binational/Cross-cultural Health Enhancement Center

The Binational/Cross-cultural Health Enhancement Center (BiCCHEC) exists to support and promote the health of Latinos in Indiana and abroad. The department of Cariology, Operative Dentistry and Dental Public Health at the School of Dentistry administers the program and conducts research to support the program’s projects. BiCCHEC participates in service missions to Mexico in partnership with the Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Yucatan and the Universidad Intercontinental in Mexico City.

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Dentistry International Service Learning

The IU School of Dentistry is a well-established partner in global health and service learning programs. The School of Dentistry offers Global Service Learning programs in Mexico, Ecuador, Haiti, and England. Dental students provide preventative and restorative dental services to underserved populations.

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East Africa International Epidemiologic Database to Evaluate AIDS

The East Africa International Epidemiologic Database to Evaluate AIDS (IeDEA) consortium is one of seven regional data centers funded by the NIH to serve as a resource for globally diverse HIV/AIDS data. Led by IU investigators Dr. Kara Wools-Kaloustian and Dr. Constantin Yiannoutsos, IeDEA focuses on aspects of data collected within HIV treatment programs and the analysis of implementation research. The IeDEA consortium includes partners throughout east Africa and in the United States, enrolling nearly 320,000 adults and 64,761 children in its regional data center over the last year.

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ENLACE-Nicaragua is composed of two distinct service learning opportunities. Alternative Spring Break is a week-long service learning program for interested medical and graduate-level health professions students. The Global Health elective is a four-week program open to Phase 3 medical students. Students live with host families and are immersed in the health care system of rural Nicaragua.

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Global Health Leadership Doctoral Degree

The Fairbanks School of Public Health at IUPUI offers a doctoral degree in Global Health Leadership to prepare graduates to effectively address the challenging and complex public health issues facing the world today. Based in the school’s Health Policy and Management department, the degree is a three-year, cohort-based distance program.

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HEARD Partnership

In 2016, the University Research Council’s Health Evaluation and Applied Research Development (HEARD) Partnership and the Center’s research programs began a partnership to undertake research efforts that accelerate the achievement of USAID health and development goals. The IU Center for Global Health serves as a technical resource partner for the HEARD Partnership due to its expertise in HIV and population health initiatives in East Africa.

IU Center for AIDS Research

The IU Center for Global Health is working with the IU Center for AIDS Research (Indiana CFAR) to increase collaborative HIV/AIDS prevention and care research throughout Indiana. Since 2016, the Indiana CFAR has supported a pilot grant program for junior investigators seeking academic careers in HIV/AIDS research. Four Indiana CFAR awardees have received funding to conduct research in Western Kenya in partnership with AMPATH Research Programs.

Indiana Center for AIDS Research

Malaria Research Program

Dr. Chandy John, the director of the Ryan White Center for Pediatric Infectious Disease and Global Health at Indiana University, heads a robust malaria research program with partners at sites in Uganda and Kenya. The program has developed a better understanding of the effects of malaria in children and HIV co-infection as a result of its efforts. Through Malaria Research Program, Dr. John’s group has helped to lead new efforts to develop vaccine strategies and drugs for Malaria.

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Nursing Study Abroad, Exchanges and Service Learning

The IU School of Nursing continues to focus its global health work on improving global nurse education, including a partnership with the Moi University School of Nursing in Eldoret, Kenya and the University of Liberia. The School of Nursing also provides three short-term study abroad programs in Spain, Swaziland, and China.

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Office of International Affairs

With collaboration from the Office of International Affairs, global health-related study abroad programs have expanded throughout many disciplines. Three new programs were created under the School of Public Health, including two “Health Systems Around the World” programs, which allow students to compare health systems in Nicaragua or Sweden with those in the United States and the “Swaziland” Multidisciplinary Health Studies” program.

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Public Health Study Abroad

The Fairbanks School of Public Health at IUPUI offers study abroad programs to explore the organization, financing, challenges, and future direction of health systems around the world. Programs aboard are offered in London, Nicaragua and Sweden.

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Ryan White Center for Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Global Health

The researchers at the Ryan White Center for Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Global Health have long focused on HIV and malaria. With grant awards, researchers have worked on improving adolescent adherence to therapy and reducing stigma for children with HIV and malaria research on the effects of severe malaria in children and immunity in populations with less exposure or malaria co-infection. The group’s research is now expanding into new areas, such as infections in African children with sickle cell disease and neurodevelopment in children exposed to HIV.

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Slemenda Scholarship Program

Named after the late IU School of Medicine epidemiologist Dr. Charles Slemenda, the Slemenda Scholarship Program offers rising second year medical students funding to live and work side-by-side with Kenyan students at Moi University School of Medicine in Eldoret, Kenya. In the 6 week summer program, Slemenda Scholars make rounds in the hospital, work with ongoing field projects conducted by AMPATH faculty, and serves as IUSM ambassadors to the partnership.

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Sun Yat Sen University Medical Student Elective

Fourth year medical students get an in-depth look at a health care system in another country with the one month exchange program at Sun Yat Sen University (SYSU) School of Medicine in Guangzhou, China. As a part of the program, students train in a specialty or subspecialty area and are encouraged to compare and contrast health systems in the United States with those in China.

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