Indiana University Center for Global Health


The IU Center for Global Health serves as the unifying infrastructure for global health research based at Indiana University. The Center brings together IU graduate-level trainees and faculty from diverse schools and disciplines to form distinctive, interdisciplinary global health research teams who:

  1. Develop novelglobal health research strategies and designs that transcend the methods of any one discipline to pursue innovative transdisciplinary methods, new knowledge, and novel perspectives,
  2. Use these methods to explore factors that are essential elements of effective, sustainable health systems,
  3. Disseminate new global health research findings in dialogue within international communities of research and policy-making. The Center will increase global health research capacity at IU, enhancing the ability of IU to be competitive for current global health research funding that seeks innovative.

Download the 2017 Global Health Research Report

The IU Center for Global Health conducts research on factors that contribute to the most effective health systems and delivery of care, as well as exploring the larger, complex conditions that promote and erode health and flourishing. The factors that support health and health delivery systems are complex and embedded in cultural, linguistic, social, economic, political, historical and environmental contexts that cut across traditional disciplines. IU Center for Global Health brings together experts from diverse schools and disciplines to develop novel and interdisciplinary research and programs that identify and address the many dimensions of global health and health care delivery, such as access to clean water and nutrition, income security, gender equity and access to health care services as a matter of social justice